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Mindfulness for Better Intimacy

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Amy Live

TEDx Stanley Park
Amy presents "Better Intimacy For Her, Better Sex For Him & Vice Versa" in this informative and entertaining TED Talk.

Amy talks on Vancouver Real about real tools and techniques that foster intimacy. Wordless methods keep you grounded and connected. Hosted by Andy and Mike Zaremba.

Watch the full video (52:14 run time).



The word "mood" means state of mind. Turn-off her mind to turn-on her body. Learn 4 tips here.

Resentment, betrayal or sexual challenges, a lack of intimacy puts distance between partners. The good news: you can absolutely reconnect.

Lots of guys think they have P.E. but what they really have is a lack of experience and skills.

The worst thing about a sexless relationship is, whether its resentment, betrayal or sexual challenges, it puts distance between partners who feel left out. The good news: you can absolutely reconnect.

Men and women think penises are supposed to be perpetually hard. It’s normal for a mans rigidity to fluctuate during sex. FYI, women have the same fluctuating engorgement of their genitals it’s just not as obvious.

Erectile Disfunction affects approximately 10% of men per decade of life. Statistic says 65% of women don't orgasm from penetration anyways. So men, please stop being so hard on yourself.


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