Reasons To See Amy

Foster deep intimate connection. 

You want to feel more secure with each other.
A secure intimate connection allows for more forgiveness and exploration.

Maybe there is a lack of physical intimacy or you feel stuck in a rut, unable to ask for what you want for fear of how it might affect your partner, relationship and life.
I'm the person you want to ask for directions! I don't want to talk about the disconnect, I want to fix it. Before renovating, let's secure the foundation. 

You're considering risking your relationship and your partners trust, to explore your sexual desire.
It can be unimaginable to even consider approaching your partner with your sexual desires, frustrations, shame. My understanding powerful presence and respect give you the support and tools to express your needs without risk. 

You're considering sex therapy or already seeing a couples therapist and want a therapeutic experiential approach to your physical intimacy.
Sometimes talking alone can cause more intimacy problems. My sessions, exercises and programs are designed as a non-verbal therapeutic approach to creating safe physical intimacy and work well along side traditional couples therapy. 

Studies prove we cultivate happiness by experiencing connection. Couples can learn how to hold this connected space for each other with healthy boundaries. Individuals experience this connection through a series of mindfulness full body exercises with me and on their own.  

You find yourself repeating the same sex to break-up cycle and want it to last this time.
There's a reason it's hot the first few times. Learn to deepen the security and connection for long lasting desire right from the start. 

The intimate gap between you and your partner feels too big to close.
That's why I am an intimacy coach. I understand. This is what I do 'with grace and ease and respect for all parties involved' is my motto. 

Health issues or life have hindered you or your partners ability or interest in physical connection.
Maybe there are physical health challenges including stroke, prostate, bladder, uterus, accidents, deaths, surgeries, births, hormones, special needs... You are not alone. We will have the safe necessary dialogues. I have helped many and I am dedicated to finding respectful solutions. 

Long distances, long hours or time apart are taking a toll on your physical connection.
My techniques have helped many couples stay synchronized and grounded without long conversations when you have to stay intimately connected through mostly phone text and internet.