Do you just want to talk about it, or do you want to have a great intimate connection and sex?  

Safe, realistic intimacy solutions without just talking. More purring and less barking!

Whatever your relationship situation, intimacy or sexual challenges, you are not alone. Frustrations from unspoken physical disconnect can become the elephant in the room. You might withdraw or argue rather than talk about issues. Intimacy and connection can’t just be talked about they need to be experienced. I am passionate about improving your pleasure, connection and confidence. I am honored to be an integral part of your most sacred space.
Successful relationships come from having the tools for emotional and erotic intelligence to keep you feeling alive, growing, positive, secure and connected.


Couples Intimacy Therapy

Your intimate connection is the foundation of healthy sex life. By having more encounters that foster a secure bond with your partner you can be more curious and share adventurous ~ together. 

Security comes from presence which fosters curiosity and it is curiosity that creates long term desire, because being present and curious about our own and our partners sexual pleasure keeps us wanting more.  

When you feel solid in your sexual connection with your partner a good deal of challenges and arguments disappear. Feeling alive, confident and connected with each other affects all parts of your life. 

Addressing intimacy can sometimes feel risky. It can be a challenge to connect in a new way on your own. Reading, talking or watching will not make the shift. 

Learn simple tools that develop and maintain your intimate connection.
Feel solid in your physical, non-verbal, intimate, sexual connection. 

Explore your individual or shared curiosities, unfamiliar edges, boundaries and unspoken desires without risking your relationship.
Feel super, extra secure and solid in your physical, non-verbal, intimate, sexual connection which then allows for more trust, risk taking, playfulness ~ curiosity, desire, passion and most importantly, forgiveness!

individual Intimacy Therapy

Learn, develop, maintain and express your own sexual exploration.
Just like your nutritional needs your sexual needs are your responsibility to manage. You still want to maintain growth development and personal skills and exploration to improve your sex life, dance moves and personal game. It's nice to have a coach to guide you and keep you feeling secure, confident and graceful to explore yourself. 

Heal intimacy and sexual issues or trauma without burdening your relationship or when you don't have a partner. 
In my powerful nurturing presence you will experience the growth and healing that comes from feeling safe, allowed and deeply connected. We will address any emotional, physical challenges directly addresses your unique topic.

Somethings need to be experienced to be understood and healed, like feeling nurtured, safe during pleasure or orgasm. You are in good hands. You are not alone.

feel secure

My profound presence and guidance gives you the support to express your needs without risk. 
My clear, clean boundaries keep you feeling safe and comfortable as I lead you through intimacy building exercises that are just right for you. 
All of the workshops, sessions and programs are light and playful and always respectful of your particular dynamic.

 Safely explore pleasure and expand your sexual repertoire and erotic desire together.  

You’re so comfortable that you made us comfortable. You completely changed the way we approach each other. Thank You. We are both calmer, super grateful we found you.
— Linda & John

intimacy & Connection

Feel safe, secure and present so that you can be curious and have the satisfying sex that you desire.
Experience realistic, simple repeatable exercises that are proven to foster long term, deep, intimate connection. 

Why you need Amy:

  • secure your intimate connection
  • learn a non-triggering wordless emotional language
  • bring more pleasure and sensuality to your life
  • safely (re)define the boundaries of your relationship
  • drop resentment, expectations, frustrations, stress
  • respectfully repair your sexless marriage
  • change a sexual rut
  • learn skills, tools, techniques
  • increase your confidence 
  • reconnect after an affair
  • overcoming sexual trauma
  • navigate family changes/babies/aging parents 
  • fear of intimacy, vulnerability, body issues
  • respectfully navigate fetishes, kinks, sexual interests
  • expand your erotic sexual repertoire
  • techniques for pain during intercourse
  • solutions for physical challenges, spinal injury, special needs
  • realistic solutions for mismatched libido/erotic interests
  • manage erectile dysfunction, challenges
  • manage premature ejaculation
  • learn to last longer 
  • manage performance pressure 
  • overcome lack of orgasm or ejaculation
  • individuals ~ keep on scoring, get a coach!
  • discover ~ you may not know what you may be missing

Learn simple safe repeatable tools and techniques to safe intimate connection. Feel secure as you experience a new way of being with your partner. 

Whatever your relationship, intimacy or sexual challenges, you are not alone. Unspoken physical disconnect can become the elephant in the room. Just talking about issues can cause more disconnect. Intimacy and connection need to be experienced.
I am passionate about improving your sexual pleasure, connection and confidence. I am honored to be an integral part of your most sacred space. 

Successful relationships come from having the tools for emotional and erotic intelligence to keep you feeling alive, growing, positive, secure and connected.


coaching options

Schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation or contact me for package rates.

For Couples & Individuals.

Face to Face Sessions. Learn by experience. 
Face to face session offers personal care, You will feel safe, seen, heard, understood. Together we find the right tools, techniques, skills, solutions for your  physical, sensual, communication style/s.

Virtual Face to Face Sessions. Have me in the safety of your living room or bedroom. 
Individuals or couples virtual Zoom/Skype sessions, feel connected right where you are. Expand and deepen your sense of security and physical intimacy, practice with the support of a coach in your own environment. 

A Month of Personal E-mails.
I'm will reply within 24hour (sooner if I can) it's like having a friend/coach on call. Personal support if you are feeling shy, require discretion, privacy, or more spontaneous correspondence and want caring, support and coaching.  

A Month of Personal Phone Calls.
A sweet caring voice on the other end of the phone. I am here to support you with realistic, respectful, professional advice, tips and perspective when needed. Feel supported through challenging times knowing that you are not alone you have a coach with you. I am only a phone call away.

1 Day Intimacy Intensive. Your own personalized 1-on-1, mini retreat. 
Full personalized attention. Excellent for recovery from betrayal, relationship reset, anniversary gift, dialogue and experience deeper intimacy ~ together. 

Pleasure is the goal. You are the real thing, more than we expected.
We’re so glad we found You!
— Paul & Donna

3x or 5x coaching package

For Couples & Individuals.

3 or 5.  Face to Face Sessions.

3 or 5. Virtual Face to Face Sessions.

3 or 5. Months of Personal E-mails.

3 or 5. Months of Personal Phone Calls.

You're in good hands. We've got this.


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