We go to someone to learn to dance ~ together. Wouldn't it be great if we could do this with our intimacy and sex lives?

Intimacy is when we feel safe to open up and be seen which makes us feel more connected. When we feel secure with our intimate and sexual connection we can show up for ourselves, our partners and the world in our full aliveness.

Just addressing our intimacy can seem daunting. It might feel like talking about it can cause more problems and this makes sense to me. 


Sometimes words get in the way.

I’m Amy Color, Intimacy Coach
I've helped thousands of individuals and couples with my simple wordless repeatable solutions and protocols for intimacy that keep you safe from triggers, foster safe connection a lifetime of exploration, intimacy and great sex.

Having realistic tools for intimacy and actual sex techniques, gives you confidence in all parts of your life.


Because it really does take two to Tango.
— Amy Color

By discovering your natural, non-verbal language of pleasure and boundaries so you can safely express and explore your desire ~ together.

When we feel deeply connected and secure, everything else can be negotiated, it's easier to get over the little or big things when you feel sexually fulfilled. Maybe you wish there was more intimacy in your relationship or you don't know what you want let alone how to ask for it. It makes sense that you fear discussing intimacy issues or sexual desires with your partner because just talking might cause more problems.

I have created simple, reliable wordless techniques that keep you feeling safe, synchronized, present and more secure in all parts of your life.



Connect and stay connected physically, emotionally and sensually. Amy’s clear, clean boundaries keep you feeling supported and comfortable. Her wordless solutions, cues, exercises solve many triggers. Couples learn to be safe for each other feel more intimacy and deepen their trust and connection expanding their sexual toolbox in a way that is just right for them.

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Men and women experience intimacy differently. When we feel confident to connect we feel more alive. Whether learning for yourself or to share with a special person, learn, experience and practice tools to harness your sexual energy, feel alive, safe, present able to express your pleasure and respect your boundaries with or without a partner in your life.

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